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Grease Monkey

2001 Pisgah Church Rd,  Greensboro,  NC 27455
(336) 545-1720

About Us


Our classic two bay quick lube is located in the heart of Greensboro's Lake Jeanette region.  We have been locally owned and operated since October 1993.  Our mission statement:  Driven to Perform, so our Customers and Their Vehicles Can Too!


Originally built by Ted Crum, a prominent and well respected business person in Guilford County, Grease Monkey Greensboro still operates as a family business.  Jonathon Crum worked for his father Ted, part-time, througout his high school and college careers.  After earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from NC State University in 1995, Jon was fortunate enough to work 2 years with New York Life Insurance Company and 1 year with Renfro Corporation (makers of Fruit of the Loom socks).  In the spring of 1998, Ted noticed that these well known companies trusted Jon enough to allow him to manage over $1,000,000 in accounts.  Ted then found a way to offer his son (Jon) an opportunity to own 2% of TLC of the Triad, Inc - the corporate name of Ted's growing fast lube business.  Ultimately, in November of 1999, another prominent Greensboro business person bought the Grease Monkey franchise in Greensboro from Ted and Jon.


After the purchase, Jon spent 1 year working for the new owner and was subsequently offered a regional director position with Grease Monkey International.  In his new position, Jon was responsible for supporting as many as 37 Grease Monkey franchises from Greensboro, NC to Fort Myers, FL.  During his 7 years with Grease Monkey International, Jon was exposed to many different exciting business practices.  After Jon's wife Alexandra gave birth to their oldest son Gage, Jon realized that family came first.  Together, Jon and Alex made possible the purchase  of this Grease Monkey location in 2007. Jon was able to fullfill his dream of providing the citizens of Greensboro the best practices of the successful Grease Monkey franchises he supported in the Southeast United States.  This purchase also provided Jon the opportunity to focus on being a father, husband, and business owner.



Robert Tilley and Steven Tilley (Robert the father, Steven the son) were employees of Grease Monkey Greensboro when the Crum's purchased it from an owner three times removed from the Crum's original ownership.  Early on in the transition, Robert and Steven Tilley pulled Jon aside and asked for the responsibility and opportunity of management.  Jon knew that giving that kind of control to a father and son team was a huge risk.  In fact, it was not recommended by the franchise or encouraged in common business practices.  Being brought up in a family business, Jon was able to make the decision to support the Tilley's right there on the spot.  He unselfishly allowed Robert to manage and Steven to assist.  After all, Jon and Ted worked together so successfully in the past.  This Grease Monkey has always been operated as a family business, who says  that it has to be the Crum family?


Jon worked diligently with Robert and Steven to implement the Grease Monkey philosophy of using a four person team to complete each full service oil change without cutting corners in order to save a few dollars on labor or product cost.  The Tilley famliy readily embraced the culture of truth and caring despite a great deal of push-back from the customer base who had been trained to ignore value and focus on cost.  There was an immediate shift in our customer base.  


The customer base at Grease Monkey of Greensboro is currently made up of folks who value a thorough check of all preventive maintenance items.  70% of these customers are women who expect to get what they pay for . . . plus a thoroghly vacuumed vehicle!  These ladies prefer a guarantee of respect for their time without sacrificing the details that give us all piece of mind on the road.  Grease Monkey Greensboro soon began to see parents with children in high school or college stopping in during a break to get these student's vehicles prepared for the road ahead.  Currently there are untold numbers of customers that stop in just for a top off of vital engine fluids and an accurate correction of tire pressure.  This no cost "top-off" service adds value to the product Grease Monkey provides and ensures confidence on the road and in our community.


The staff at Grease Monkey of Greensboro encourages you to check out our reviews online!  Even if you only use Grease Monkey for your required state vehicle inspection, you will find that the  genuine respect for you and your vehicle is second to none.  Let's empower the dealerships in their quest to provide the transportation we desire to fit our lifestyle, then subsequently let Grease Monkey provide the "Pit Crew" attitude and focus that keeps our vehicles safe on the trip over the river and through the woods, to the store or to work, or to volunteer help in our passionate community in order to grow and prosper!  Thank you Greensboro . . .

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